Mentoring statement

I am a mentor that seeks interactive opportunities to learn and impart knowledge with my colleagues and trainees. I work to identify professional and personal goals with my trainees and develop a plan to work towards these with intention and creativity. In the laboratory, I encourage trainees to engage all their modalities when learning new procedures. Trainees are asked to develop self-sufficiency with regular check-ins with me, so that I avoid micromanaging them. I work hard to maintain accessibility and approachability so that communication lines (especially in-person and via e-mail) between me and lab members stay open. I also work to improve my trainees’ networks in order to connect them to the broadest range of opportunities they can access.

The sum products of research in the BurnsLab are not limited to the data we generate or the papers we publish. I believe the trainees of the BurnsLab, who are actively developing their skills and interests, are also products in themselves.