Academic Advising FAQ

Where do I find information on…

  • What degree requirements I’ve completed/need to complete?
    • Log in to your myUMBC account, and check your Degree Audit.
  • UMBC Biology major requirements? Here!
  • UMBC Psychology minor requirements? Here!
  • How to transfer credits to UMBC? Here!
  • Advising and suggested courses for pre-health careers? Here!
  • Declaring a minor or additional major? Here!

You’re my academic adviser. What do I need to do to get cleared for registration next semester?

  • I require all my advisees to complete a pre-registration form that I typically email to your UMBC address a week before the registration calendar opens.
  • Once you complete the pre-registration form, I will clear you to register.
  • In the pre-registration form, you’ll receive a link to my advising calendar, where you can set up a phone appointment with me if you would like.
  • If you don’t see any times that work for you, email me to set up a time for advising.

You’re not my academic adviser, but can you help me with an advising issue anyway?

  • I can try, but keep in mind that I am responsible for 40+ BIOL advisees, though!
  • I may refer you here or to another person who can better help.

What classes should I take for my BIOL major?

  • Consider your personal schedule and graduation goals. Do you want to work towards graduating in 4 years? Plan to take at least 15 credits each fall and spring semester.
  • For good topic balance, I recommend scheduling no more than 75% of your credits each semester with STEM courses. Use the remaining 25% to address GEP requirements and courses that interest you.

Can you get me registered/wait-listed for a course I want to take?

  • No, I can’t! I recommend contacting the course instructor by email and making your request that way.
  • If you are currently/will take a prerequisite for a course at another school, send a screenshot of your registration to the instructor.
  • You will need to pass the course with a “C” grade or better in prerequisites in order to stay enrolled in the course you wish to take.

Am I ready for graduation?

  • Check your Degree Audit to be sure. You will see all courses you have taken or are currently taking as fulfilling graduation, GEP, and/or major and minor requirements. Any areas you still need courses in will be shown in drop-down boxes.
  • You’ll receive an email from the UMBC Registrar when you are eligible to apply for graduation. Once you do, I will be prompted to review your degree audit as well.

I have a question about my financial aid/scholarship eligibility. Who should I contact?

  • Contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships staff:
  • A full time student schedule is 12 credits– this credit load may be required for some funding sources.